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Analysis of "˜A Bit on the Side' This advertisement is for Heinz Salad Cream. The page layout is consisted of a big picture at the top of the page and a paragraph or two of text at the bottom of the page. The main title "˜A Bit on the Side' is in the middle of the page in big bold red letters. This title indicates that from the picture that not only is the salad cream a bit on the side but the woman or the man could also be a bit on the side. The woman is sitting with her left hand out stretched on the table displaying her fingers and showing that she has no wedding ring on her finger. This is also the case for the man but he does not have his hand out on the table, instead he is pulling out a bottle of Heinz salad cream from his inside jacket pocket.

Since this is a magazine directed at men (FHM "" For Him Magazine) I think that the "˜bit on the side' is meant to be the woman. In the advert the people are wearing expensive designer clothes this means that their food should also wear designer clothes, salad cream. In the photo the salad cream is being pulled, sneakily from the man's jacket pocket, this is trying to say that the salad cream is illegal in a way but very tempting. The bottle of salad cream has the label facing toward the camera so that everyone can see it properly.

"˜'Why bother with poncily named seasonings when you can liven up your dish with trusty Heinz Salad Cream?'' Poncily "" why bother with products that have fancy names in Italian when you can have salad cream, easy to say, well known and "˜Trusty.' This phrase is trying to put across the fact that when a woman asks you to cook her a home made meal you do not have to spend all day searching for fancy named foods, you can make simple dishes and then add salad cream this will give more than enough class.

The magazine try's not to be sexist by showing the man having pasta (which women normally eat when they go to a restaurant) and the women having a pizza (which the man would normally have). After the text there is three recipes all involving Heinz salad cream, they are all marked with a little red square at the beginning. It give a list of the ingredients and a short description on how to make them, this is to make the recipes easier to make and in doing so they make the prospect of using salad cream more desirable. Along the side there is a list of the clothes the people are wearing, Calvin Klein, Strenesse e.t.c all big brand names. This advert is therefore also advertising other products, so all of the costs are shared and so this means they are able to afford a bigger advert, in this case a full page advert meaning it will be more attractive to readers and make them more aware of their products.

In the text there is a mention about why men take their girlfriends to restaurants, so that there are no "˜Lady irritants such as dirty dishes, other girls' underwear and old pizza crusts.' This is saying that taking a girl to a restaurant is a sure fire way to impress, no fuss no muss, you get dressed up, go, eat and at the end pull out a credit card and you get all the thanks and appreciation for the staffs hard work. The advert is for Heinz salad cream though so it cannot be advertising restaurants, no its saying that restaurants work for a while but women aren't stupid and soon figure out that you are trying to avoid taking them home. This advert says that there is now no need to worry, just mix up a few simple ingredients and don't forget the Heinz salad cream and everything will be okay! The fact that they now use salad cream means that they can cook and this new wondrous talent will impress all of their friends meaning that they will be highly respected and all because they bought a bottle of Heinz salad cream.