Helen Keller: The life behind those sad eyes.

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"The public must learn that the blind man is neither genius nor freak, nor an idiot. He has a mind that can be educated, a hand that can be trained, ambitions which it is right for him to strive, to realize and it is the duty of the public to help him make the best of himself so he can win light through work." These stirring words were spoken by Helen Keller. Helen was a very brave and intellectual woman, who changed many peoples' opinion towards the blind, the dumb and the deaf. She was very ambitious and courageous and did her best to open everybody's eyes and make them see what is going on around them.

Helen Keller was the second child born to Kate and Captain Arthur Keller. She was born on June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia , Alabama. When she was less than two years old, Helen Keller got a disease that the doctors called Brain Fever.

The disease was expected to take Helen Keller's life, but instead it took her sight, hearing and her ability to talk.

Many people told Kate and Captain Arthur Keller to send Helen away for special education, but her parents had other thoughts. They loved her too much and didnt want to give up on their only daughter. Her parents took Helen to Baltimore,Maryland to be examined by a specialist. Unfortunately, Helen Keller's problem was too overwhelming so the doctor could not help her.

Still not discouraged,the Kellers went to seek the help of Alexander Graham Bell. He contacted the teacher Anne Sullivan and told the Kellers that she would be able to help Helen. Anne Sullivan arrived at the Kellers' property in March of 1887, when Helen was almost seven years old.

Ms. Sullivan started working with Helen as soon...