Helicopters: Their Evolution and Ever Changing Role in the Modern World.

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Their Evolution and Ever Changing Role in the Modern World.


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This paper will serve as an abbreviated, but in-depth look at the evolution of the helicopter. It will briefly catalogue the historical trials and development of vertical lift aircraft, the impact helicopters have had on the shaping of the modern world, the present contributions and niche of helicopters in the world today, and the impacts the next generation rotary wing aircraft will have on future communal and geopolitical developments.

The ideations, research and development, and eventual production of the modern helicopter was not one mans quest to achieve a state of suspended flight. As you will see, this was truly a joint venture on an international scale, and spanned many centuries of failed ideas and proven theories before the final dream was realized in the early 20th Century.

This topic is, by far, much too expansive to cover within the brevity of this research paper, but I hope to highlight the areas where the greatest advancements took place as well as provide examples of the more prolific models of the modern helicopter and their contributions that have shaped our world today.


The year was 1483. Leonardo Da Vinci began to pen what would become the springboard for countless imaginative inventors who would attempt to turn the age-old dream of sustained vertical flight into a reality. His drawing, and one of his most famous to this day, may have been an adaptation of the Archimedes water screw. The design was recently proven to be impractical for flight, having neither the lightweight materials, nor strong enough power plant to get airborne. Whatever its origin, it still does not hold the distinction of the...