It has been centuries since Dante had visited the inferno. The world that he once knew of having a strong Christian point of view has since changed towards a nondiscriminatory Christian point of view. The Roman church was split and had two popes. Cults emerged and stabilized themselves as Calvinist and Puritans. The communities welcomed Christian homosexuality. The morals that priests once held became corrupted by the romantic industrialization. Dante's hell has since been changed to accommodate the miscreants in the nine levels of hell and put a punishment to right their sin in a Christian manner.

Hell consists of nine levels where the miscreants are categorized by the sin they commit during their life. The first level of hell is Limbo. Limbo was a peaceful level where the ancient heroes, philosophers, non-baptized children, and pagans spent eternity dwelling about within hell's walls as the light of reason shines down onto them (Pinsky 37).

Limbo has since then been overcrowded by the rise of abortions and deaths of the souls of those whom hadn't followed Christian beliefs. Limbo's overcrowded land caved into a bottomless pit in hell, sucking in all the souls into an eternity of falling away from the light of reason. Limbo is not a level of torment, but a level of emptiness with the light representing God. God is something these souls never had the pleasure of knowing of.

The lustful are placed in the second level of hell. They were once whirled around by a never-ending wind yet the new souls found this torment rather enjoyable than torture, so a new torment was made up for this level (Pinksy 39). The lustful souls from Dante's time were turned into demons that resemble the other lustful souls true loves then tear them into pieces. The...