Hellenistic Judaism- Still Prevalent Today.

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Hellenistic Judaism- Still Prevalent Today

Comfort, leisure, serenity, prosperity, and dedication are only an understatement of the amazing era in Jewish history in Jerusalem. At the start of the epoch of the Second Temple, the denizens of Jerusalem adapted to new life quite easily to the postexilic period after the Babylonian exile had spewed them out of their homeland. The rebuilding of the Temple gave them new hope and faith, rejuvenating their spirituality. The Jews lived contently and in peace with themselves as well as their Creator. However, their material and spiritual contentment was short-lived. Their tranquil lifestyles gradually transformed into a nightmare, which was all too familiar. The arrival of the Greeks with their innovative and unique lifestyle initiated what resulted in one of the most tumultuous and confusing periods in Jewish history. The introduction of Hellenism and its doctrines evoked a two-fold reaction: while many viewed this

culture as seductive, fresh, and liberating, others grew increasingly afraid fearing a complete revolution and destruction of the Jewish faith.

Hellenistic influences viz. education, standard of living, dogmas, and culture were all progressively publicized and steadily accepted by numerous Jews. This epoch in Jewish history has been described by historians as the first religious persecution. Countless others would follow in the centuries to come. Do we not notice the "new", seductive, and luring cultures surrounding us? Do we not

detect the assimilation and the imposition of the secular world upon the Jewish nation? The force of the Hellenism and the consequences, which followed, can be paralleled to our era. Hellenism left a tremendous long-term impact on Judaic values, systems, and goals, which altered Amirian Judaism's dogmas till present day. Jewish education, standard of living, and social facets were each affected and in turn shaped a new Jewish lifestyle. Did we...