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Harman Kaur Dosanjh


As a witness I realized how even when you know what you're going to say, there are unexpected questions where you don't know what to say, even when you know that you have to tell the truth. As Jenny Wong I had my response to every question planned. But when I was getting questioned from the other side, I had a tense feeling of not saying the correct thing. Sometimes it's all up to the witness you saying something can change a whole perspective of the case it can change things around. When I was sitting at the witness stand I was really nervous and scared, the palm of my hands became really sweaty. The whole time I was thinking what if I say something I'm not supposed to say I can't put my side on the line because of me. When I got to the witness stand and I was being questioned I answered what I suppose to answer.

Everything went as planned. Right when Chante started to question me that's when I got a bit scared because I didn't know what was going to be asked, to be honest I thought I was only being questioned by Keerthana. The only thing that confused me while being a witness what am I protecting someone or is it all about telling the truth. As my overall opinion as a witness it was exciting and fun to learn how it feels to be a witness but at the same time it was really nerve racking.