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This document contains excerpts from the Architecture and Solution Guides to provide an overview of the Business to Consumer solution.

Features and Design Focus This installable Web site demonstrates features such as support for anonymous shoppers, registration/authentication, storing profile information, a shopping cart, support for multiple catalogs, browse or search catalogs, address book management, and splitting shipments between multiple addresses.

The design focus covers many considerations, including maintaining session data, choosing an authentication model, implementing basic Web functionality, isolating presentation from business and data services, supporting UI for multiple devices, and using BizDesk Services.

For more detailed information refer to the documentation included in the download file.

Rationale The Microsoft Reference Architecture for Commerce: Business to Consumer is designed to accelerate the development of e-commerce solutions for medium to large businesses by providing reusable and customizable components. The Microsoft Reference Architecture for Commerce: Business to Consumer consists of engineered code components intended to allow developers to build B2C retail Web sites that use Microsoft Windows® 2000 Server operating system and Microsoft .NET Enterprise Server products such as Microsoft Commerce Server 2000, Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000, and Microsoft BizTalk™ Server 2000.

The Reference Architecture application was created to address many common requirements of e-commerce applications. Its purpose is to provide an accelerated path toward implementing common e-commerce solution functionality. The solution includes many Active Server Pages, configuration files, Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) style sheets, components, and other software artifacts that can be examined to learn how to develop an effective e-commerce solution. Additionally, many of the software artifacts included can be reused with little or no adaptation.

Overview of the Reference Architecture Application for Commerce The Reference Architecture application includes source code components that may be used by a brick and mortar business to build an e-commerce solution. This application has...