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Jamelah Parker

Mrs. Lansdale

Pre Ap English 2

August 13, 2012

The Help: Comparison and Contrast Essay

To give this an opening, I'll go on and explain a little about the book/movie, The Help is about Skeeter a white woman in Jackson, Mississippi during the 1960s, and the

"unplanned" friendship she has with the hired help. They've had this colored maid her entire life, same as other white families in the area. She returns from university to discover her maid has quit. She could feel that there was more to the story for Constantine to just leave without a letter of explanation while she has her mother in her ear constantly telling her she just quit and left to go and live with her daughter, When this happens, she starts seeing things from a different light aware of the injustice these maids suffer daily. They can raise the child of a white woman, but can't use the same toilet.

In the movie, Constantine had a black daughter named Rachel that Skeeter knew about and loved but in the book, Skeeter didn't know that Constantine had a daughter which was why she kept asking Aibileen where Constantine went and what happened to her. Whenever Skeeter would ask aibileen she would simply tell her that it had something to do with Constantine's daughter that was born from a white father. Which was a shock for Skeeter because like I said no one told her. To me it was a big difference because they made it such a major part in the book as to why she had to be sent away to Chicago. In the end Constantine had confused everyone into thinking she was white which was how she lost her job. Of course all of that was in a nutshell,