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Year 11


1.44 Floppy Drive: 1.44" is the size of the disks it takes, it is held in a drive bay.

17" Digital High Res Monitor: 17 Inch is the viewing area of the monitor, A monitor is the connection between the user and what the computer is doing. High Resolution is the amount of "pixels" that are displayed, and the higher the resolution, the more pixels on the monitor.

52x Speed CDROM: 52X Speed is how fast it can turn the CDs, the quicker, the faster it is to ready information off the CDROM. A CDROM (Compact Disk Read Only Memory) cannot be writed too but is used as a permanent storage just like a hard disk.

300W Speakers: Speakers produce Anologue sound that has been given to it by the Sound Card. These type are separate and are plugged into the back of the Sound Card with cords.

300Watt is the amount of power they can handle, the more Wattage the louder the speakers can be.

104 Windows 95 & Internet Keyboard: The Keyboard is an input device, for the user to give the computer instructions, 104 Keys and is designed for Windows 95 (usually with a "windows" Key)

Canon IXUSV Camera: Is is digital camera used to take pictures and upload them to you computer.

Epson Perfection 1250 Scanner: Is a scanner used to scan pictures and document and upload the to you computer.

Sony 24/10/40 CD-RW OEM Kit: Is a CD burner that is used to Copy CDs and copy documents and files onto CDs.

HP Deskjet 948c: Is a printer used for printing of finished documents or pictures etc.

Iomega 250MB Zip Drive: Is like a 1.44'' Floppy Drive but uses much bigger capacity disks.


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