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I think in " Thank You Ma'am" Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones was an extraordinary and very experienced person. Sometimes people learn a lot from their past. Although Mrs. Jones knew that Roger was trying to snatch her purse, she was so kind with him, for she completely understood him. She knew that all the people who do something wrong aren't devil; some of them do wrong things because of their needs, and some of them simply make mistakes. Therefore, we have to be very experienced and wise to distinguish between them. In addition to being very experienced and wise to distinguish between good and bad people, we have to be very high-minded to forgive people, and Mrs. Jones was one of those forgiving people. Also, I think Roger was an honest person because even though he had some opportunity to run, he did not, and it reveals his honesty and goodness, and Mrs. Jones realized his goodness.

I think writer wanted to tell us that we have to see people not with our eyes but with our heart. Also, the writer wanted to tell us that middle-class people may understand poor people better than rich ones because the writer could choose a rich lady, but he did choose a middle-class one or maybe poor one. Moreover, Mrs. Jones was very generous because even though Roger tried to snatch her purse, she feed him. Furthermore, she was very thoughtful because even though she realized that Roger was a very poor boy, she didn't humiliate him by asking some routine questions. Also, I think when Mrs. Jones didn't turn Roger in to a jail, and cook some food for him, Roger was even more ashamed about what he wanted to do. Therefore, he could not even utter his appreciation. Indeed, he