Helping Others Improve Their Self Image

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How we see ourselves, how we think of ourselves in relation to the rest of

society, what our image is of an "ideal self", and what we feel we deserve from others,

are all part of what we call self-concept. Self-concept is a mental picture of your self, a collection of beliefs about someone's own nature, unique qualities of yourself and typical behaviors. We gain self-concept feedback in many ways including, the level of control we are allowed to have over others, the control others exert over our lives, praise, blame, encouragement, and support received from others. (Woods pg. 62)

Surprisingly, low self-esteem is a common problem for people who are

aggressive, also known as vultures. (Wood pg.67) Possibly this is because deep down inside, people who have the habit of being angry all the time, feel badly about how they have treated others and about what others think of them.

The complaints of other people who receive aggressive treatment eventually may affect the aggressive person who may begin to experience self-hatred.

Self-image is composed of natural temperament and input from significant others (teachers, parents, friends, enemies, and self). It takes time and a repeated message to influence how a person feels about themselves. If you want to change your self-image you must change your "self talk"; those things you say about yourself unthinkingly. (I'm so clumsy, I never win, etc.) First you that person needs to set realistic goals for them selves. (Wood pg.64) To change another's' self-image requires first that the other sees you as significant to them and then that you provide them a consistent, believable message to them over time. Changing self-image is not an easy task and the person involved must also believe that change is possible. One reason it is difficult to change...