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Palmer 1

Alexis Palmer

English 1

Professor Mueller

12 September 2014


Many individuals define "Hope" as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. My personal definition of "Hope" is a chance of something good happening. I find it peculiar that a lot of ancient books use the word hope to create a stronger bond with each other, which means they are manipulating the word hope to control society. As an adolescent, growing up in a third world country, "hope" was taboo, never to be thought or spoken of in school. My expectations and goals were depended on my family's annual income. I had a slim chance of climbing the ladder to success, but I always reminded myself that anything is possible if you had hope. I began to rely on the bible for guidance and closure during difficult moments in my life.

No matter what life crisis or trauma I am facing with, I always think hopefully, speak hopefully, work hopefully, and act hopefully. I made hope a daily habit for myself. Remind myself that regardless of what transpires in my life, I will always retain the option to choose hope. The bible basically created the word hope, since a lot of passage in the bible explain the importance of having hope within your heart and soul. A lot of scriptures from the bible explains the necessity of hope such as: gives you reason to keep going during difficult times and events and lets you forget about the past and look toward the future.

While reading a passage from the bible, I recognized that wealthy civilization adopted the word hope to enslave people. For example, deceiving a person to believe that a certain "hope" will change a country. That...