Helter Skelter(Research Paper) Author: Vincent Buliosi w/ Curt Gentry

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Qestions asked were:

1)Name the officer who was responsible for protecting the Tate crime scene and explain in detail the mistakes he made including but not limited to destroying evidence at the gate.

2)Explain what the investigators presumed about the knife used in the Tate murders and why.

3)explain what five pieces of evidence were witheld from the press, and why this is done.

4)Explain what relationship the Esalen Institute, in Big Sur, has with this investigation.

5)How does Paul Watkins figure in supplying the missing link in Manson's motive?

6)What were the "Breastplates of Fire" and what was the relationship to this story.

L.A.P.D. officers made several mistakes that could have potentially seriously damaged the prosecution's case. For example, Officer DeRosa, while he was escorting a possible suspect down the driveway of the Tate estate noticed that there was blood on the button that opened the electric gate.

"Officer DeRosa was charged with securing and protecting the scene until investigating officers arrived, now pressed the button himself, successfully opening the gate but also creating a superimposure that obliterated any print that may have been left there". (Bugliosi 14) In addition to eradicating fingerprints officers made several other procedural mistakes. For example, pieces of a gun grip that were first seen near the entryway ended up under a chair in the living room. According to the official L.A.P.D. report: "They were apparently kicked under the chair by one of the original officers on the scene. (Bugliosi 16) Another unfortunate mistake was that officers at the scene tracked blood from inside the residence onto the front porch and walkway and back again. This made it necessary to interview all the individuals who had been at the crime scene about the shoes they had worn that day.

While studying the stab...