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Health Care Insurance is a family matter. Based on a study from the National Academy of Sciences almost 40 million people in this country lack health care insurance. That's more than the population of Texas, Florida, and Connecticut combined. The uninsured people without Medicaid Health Care are more likely to have poorer health and die prematurely, then those that do have health insurance.

According to the National Academy of Sciences more than one in five families have at least one uninsured member. But all members of those families are less likely to get needed Medical Health Care because the cost of that care is more likely to put a strain on family finances. Families or individuals without Medicaid health insurance feel that they can't just go to any doctor and get medical treatment that allows them to pay with a payment plan. So instead of getting the medical treatment they need, people just ignore going to the doctor and buy less expensive over the counter medicines.

Hospitals do see you in emergency situations and you can't be turned away from treatment. The Funny thing about this situation is low income families that can't afford health insurance receive free Medicaid assistance, but the average middle class family or individual who does not qualify for Medicaid health care can't afford to pay for health care so they do without.

Economically what is being done to help solve the health care problem? At the last Presidential State of the Union Address, President Bush said that he would propose spending 400 Billion dollars over the next decade to reform and strengthen the Health Care Program. This program will include coverage to forty million elderly and disabled citizens. To help lower the cost of health care, President Bush urged Congress for many changes in the...