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Have you ever wished someone were with you when you were all alone? Santiago did throughout the story as he says, "I wish I had the boy."(45) Santiago is so lonely he talks to himself, the sea, the birds, and the beautiful silver and purple striped marlin about two feet longer then his boat. In "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway, Santiago is an old fisherman living on the coast of Cuba. He has gone 84 days without catching a fish. Will 85 be his lucky number? Santiago has almost nothing, but still he maintains his dignity by doing what he does best day after day.

Santiago has been fishing for many years and loves what he does. He would not give it up for the world, even when the other fishermen make fun of him. Santiago never borrows because he believes that borrowing leads to begging.

Santiago lives in a shack made out of tough budshields and always leaves the door open for strangers. He sleeps on a springboard covered with newspaper and his pillow is his trousers. The determination that Santiago has is very great. The way that he stays with the fish even though his hand is cut and cramped up is unbelievable. Santiago even puts the line on his back when it feels like it will break. All of this shows resolution.

The way Santiago fishes shows that he is one of the best fisherman for his age and maybe in the harbor. Santiago always does things for himself, even the things he hates. He always carries his mast from his boat to his shack every night. When Santiago goes to fish he really goes to fish. He makes his lines go down to an exact depth, 50 meters to...