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Professor Amelia Precup

Text Interpretation

5 June 2013

Ernest Hemingway:The Snows of Kilimanjaro

Hemingway`s biography is , as yet unwritten , but when all the documents and reminiscences are collected and collated , the enigma of the man will doubtless remain. Although he was the most autobiographical of writers , obsessively concerned with himself and with his own experiences , he is wonderfully hidden in the midst of his own creation ; he is so many men and so many personalities , each sharply etched and wonderfully consistent , that the total dramatis personae of his own charactermaking suggests that the actual man , Ernest Hemingway, is not to be found in the sum of his images , but rather in the hidden center. For each image was undeniably a true one. He was a craftsman dedicated to the art of letters who rarely wavered in his adherence to the highest standars of artistic probity and who significantly influenced twentieth century writing on all levels through his aesthetic pronouncements and the principles of professionalism which he introduced and lived.

Born into an upper-middle clas milieu which seems almost a caricature of late nineteenth century Protestant respectability and conventionality , he singlehandedly revivified the Byronic stereotype of the artist-adventurer. Many of Hemingway's experiences and the fact that he did not have an easy life made him the writer he was. Though hard times are likely to be a part of every person's life, Hemingway endured multiple tragedies. He was born in Illinois in 1899 and was the second of six children of Grace Hemingway ( a Christian Scientist) and Clarence Edmonds Hemingway( a medical doctor who loved hunting and fishing and who dealt with depression and eventually committed suicide ). As a high school student at Oak...