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Ernest Hemingway created the Hemingway Hero to have the same beliefs about everything that he does. One such story that shows the Hemingway hero real well is, "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber" In, "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber" there is a man named Francis Macomber who is going on a hunting trip with his wife Margot. Francis Macomber's hunting guide is named Robert Wilson. This is a story about Francis Macomber and how his life got changed, just by going hunting.

The Hemingway Hero doesn't just have to be male; it can also be a female. In this story all three main characters have Hemingway Hero attributes.

Francis Macomber has the characteristics of Hemingway Hero, just like both Robert Wilson and Margot Macomber. Francis Macomber hunts wild game, but not often. He drinks but is not a sloppy drunk. These are the only characteristics that apply to Francis Macomber.

Margot also has a Hemingway Hero trait, but not as much as either of the two men. In this story she avoided nighttime sleep, so she could go have intimate relations with Robert Wilson.

The person with the most Hemingway Hero characteristics is Robert Wilson. He is a man's man, and he is very macho. He moves from one love affair to another, one of which was with Francis Macomber's wife Margot. He often hunts wild game and he drinks but he too is not a sloppy drunk. He faces death with calmness and grace, and discipline. This is proved when the lion is charging at both Wilson and Macomber, and Macomber runs and hides while Wilson faces down the lion and kills it. He was going face to face with death, and he didn't even flinch as he shot one bullet after...