Hemingway's Cat in the rain :The lack of communication nowadays and its consequences

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The short story, "The Cat in the rain", is a typical Hemingway's story where he hides the messages and the real shape. Hemingway was a man who directly experienced some of the saddest wars of human history. He was even injured in a war-front, bringing back sexually handicaps.

Hemingway decided to catch the post-war mood of disillusion and unsatisfaction by using his style, without the employment of many words. He wants to show the attitude of mind after his era in the war, how the people react in front of particular situations in the modern era.

Such vision is in the present story. The whole story can probably be analysed in its attempt to understanding the sterility, incomprehensibility that moves the modern life and world, which have been changed by the modern technology.

Among these situations the lack of communication scared us. It seems ironic, a world which is full of technological ways of communication, the modern man is unable to build emotional contact with the people around him.

This can even be dangerous for a married life, traditional concept of reciprocity understanding.

The strong desire of the woman to have a child and the impotence of the man, make the possibility to wish to have a relation with another person. The couple have their own reasons for not thinking about the child; the man looks for a refuge among his books and the woman daydreams and thinks of saving or having a cat.

The only way that the woman finds for escaping mentally and physically from this situation is making complaining or reveries. The reveries are those of possessing a child. When the Italian girl asks her if she lost something, she replies "Yes", a cat "under the table....Oh , I wanted it so much. I wanted...