Hemp Legislation and the Global Economy: (Criminal Law and Procedure)

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(Abstract)It is the common knowledge of most global citizens that the superimposed, “War on Drugs”, was, presently is, and will always be a massive failure. Understanding this core fact, we now must intricately explore the multi-faceted opportunities that we, as the new-age global community have to infuse the quickly emerging universal economy. One of the major factors to take into account here, is the blatantly obvious viability of the over 50,000 uses of hemp and hemp derivatives. Hemp legislation, if taken seriously by the United States federal government, will once again push the United States into the forefront of the world stage. Following the very first federal drug law in 1906, (The Food and Drugs Act), the economy of the United States has suffered needlessly; due to racially bias political ideologies, corporate greed, and government corruption. The re-introduction of effective hemp legislation will help bridge the racial, economic, political, and gender chasm that presently exists on the worldwide scale.

First, we are going to briefly examine the history of hemp in the United States. Then, we are going to focus on a couple of the economy boosting uses of hemp. Lastly, we are going to develop a plan and framework that, if used, will re-establish the United States once again as a global powerhouse. Hemp legislation, if taken economically seriously, has the superior viability to not only advance the United States, but also the global community.

Hemp Legislation and the Global EconomyBeginning with the first president of the United States, George Washington, not only used products made from the hemp plant, but also encouraged its nationwide cultivation as well. President Washington, in, 1794, was quoted as saying, “Make the most you can of the Indian-Hemp seed and sow it everywhere." If hemp was not an inherently viable source of...