Henri Cartier-Bresson photos analysed: Martin Luther King, 1961 and Mademoiselle Chanel, 1964 (in relation to the question [question in text body])

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As part of the magnum photographic group, aimed to use photography in the service of humanity and to keep the pulse of their times. In doing so he provided some of the most arresting images. visual analysis of 2 images to support your argument.

With the development of brief exposures and small sizes in cameras, photographers like

Cartier-Bresson were able to capture their subjects unaware or in their natural expressions.

Born on August 22nd 1908, in Chanteloup, France, of prosperous middle-class parents, Henri Cartier-Bresson entered the Paris studio of André Lhote to study painting after leaving school. Later on in 1931 as a young French student, he found himself at the same time and place where three naked young African boys ran joyfully towards the surf of a Liberian beach and were caught in near-silhouette by the camera of a Hungarian photographer, Martin Munkacsi. His picture captured the freedom, grace and spontaneity of their movement and their joy at being alive.

This was one of the pictures that inspired him to put down his paint brush and start in a new branch of art called photography.

In 1947, during a reunion of Ce Soir photographers, David Seymour and Robert Capa persuaded Cartier-Bresson to join Magnum, a photographic group. The stated purpose of Magnum was to ?feel the pulse? of the times. Some of their first projects were ?People Live Everywhere?, ?Youth of the World?, and ?The Child Generation?. Their aim was to use photography in the service of humanity, giving birth to the conception, most associated with Cartier-Bresson, of ?life photography?. Magnum provided some of the most arresting and popular images of this period.

Now, Cartier-Bresson has different views about his previous work of photography. He now has turned to painting and drawing, and feels slightly shy and humble...