The Henrician Reformation was a movement of stops and starts

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The Henrician Reformation was movement of inexplicable stops and starts

The Henrician reformation was mainly triggered as a result of Thomas Wolsey being unable to persuade Pope Clement VII to grant Henry a divorce, so Henry decided that an attack on the English Church might twist the pope's arm. On the one hand the Henrician Reformation was movement of inexplicable stops and starts as it was not the result of a theological dispute as was the German reformation but was a result of Henry VIII's personal desire; to have a son and heir. Henrys political need for a male heir combined with what he saw as Catherine's continued inability to provide him with just that, caused Henry VIII to seek for a way in which he might divorce Catherine and then marry Ann Boleyn, whom he thought would surely provide him with the male heir that he so desperately wanted.

Had set out exactly what he wanted as a result of the reformation.

In His book "Henry VIII" A.F Pollard wrote that he believed the reformation was a fast process based on the German reformation. However he does accept that there may have been a delay due to Henrys insistence to keep the Catholic faith. It seems there is no clear indication to how smoothly the reformation went, with such conflicting courses as these. Pollard wrote that the reformation was inevitable due to such events leading up to it. This could be argued to be seen as stops and starts as a result of many seeing the events leading up to it and thinking that it was the start. Although there is no clear indication of what is correct I believe this interpretation could be argued to be valid.

There is also no overall picture of how the reformation was...