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Henry David Thoreau thinks that people that disagree with his view on materialistic people are also correct. He thinks that there should be a lot of different people in the world, and if those people like their way of living life, then it is good for them. Thoreau thinks that people should, "pursue his own way, and not his father's, or his mother's, or his neighbor's instead."

The author of passage number two thinks that Thoreau was a hypocrite. He says that Henry David Thoreau lived in the wilderness, but he just wanted to draw attention to himself. Also, Thoreau said that he only needed to work 6 weeks to live the entire year. Thoreau was very skilled with, and could make money a lot faster than most other people. Also, Henry David Thoreau didn't have a wife, or family, which would require more money.

Henry David Thoreau reminds me a lot of my dad.

Both of these men don't believe in buying tons of material goods, and think that experiences, especially in the outdoors, are more valuable than owning things.