Henry Fielding and Women

Essay by noone May 2004

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From the beinging of time , women right's were abused by men , that they can not express themselves or reveal their spirit and soul needs , even in the field of writing , when women attempt to write they were hindered by social dictates of their position as women, because writing was taken as a masculine skill , while men have the right to do whatever they want and write anything they like , just as Henry Fielding , who writes a bout women in his novel " Joseph Anderwes " , he pictures women as an empty headed creatures , who seek for love and run after men . M ost male novelist characterize women as enemies , like " Lady Booby , Fanny " who fight upon the love of Joseph ( the pure - hearted man and a good friend of Adam ) this shows that Fielding is writing with a male - pen , in which he presents women in the way he want them to be , he believe that women are driven by their passion and tail a fter men which is not true , so this novel can not be considered as a presentaion of life or a simple reflection of reality , it is obvious that the values of women differ very often from the values which have been made by the other sex .

Inorder to take literature as a reflection of reality , writing must be considererd as a human skill rather than a masculine job , and it should be sexless , cuz when a writer is sex - conscious his literature will be faulted .