Henry The Fifth

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The character in the play Henry the fifth seemed to me a newfound leader. Although Surinbrue said he seemed to have heartless egotism I believe that Henrys role and newfound leadership merely blinded him into a lot of speeches but only because he was trying to prove himself in the shadow of his father.

Although Henry was said to be a wild and reckless boy growing up, I believe that faced with his father death he quickly realized it was now his position to look after and be a leader to all the populace OF England. And not only that it was now placed on him that he had to boost the moral of his soldiers whom many though were going to their death being outnumbered by almost 1/5.

I found that the play Henry the Fifth did do Henry a lot of good on his part. It made him out to be rather a common place man, show in act 4 where he goes into the battlefield part to observe as well as trying to see how the soldiers view him.

A quote I found to be important was on page 76, Act 4 Scene 1. " I think the king is but a man, as I am, The violet smells to him as it doth to me; the element shows to him as it doth me; all his senses but human conditions." I think that this quote is really important because as I said before I believe that King Henry in the play as well as real life was a man with his feet on the ground. Whom knew what he believed in and although he did hold his title highly he did not flaunt it and looked to common place man as though they had opinions...