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The 2006 Porsche 911 that I would love to own would not even be in existence were it not for the fortitude and ingenuity of men like Henry Ford who lead the way in the automotive industry. The Ford Motor Company and Henry Ford with his engineer's mind and spirit of inventiveness changed American history. Henry Ford was a man with an interesting private life as well being a man who pushed to make his dreams come true and did not take "no" for an answer which is what a great inventor and business man needs.

Henry Ford was responsible for the assembly line way of manufacturing. In the plant that was built in Highland Park, Michigan to produce the Model T the first assembly line was built. All of the equipment was installed beginning in 1908 and the plant went into production in 1910 the idea was that one person could become very good at doing one thing by doing it over and over and be proud of their work.

The assembly line change was what headed the Ford Motor Company to huge sales and profits over the next several years. Charles Sorensen, and Clarence Avery could possibly have been responsible for the idea of the assembly line way of manufacturing, but with Henry Ford's engineering background he was definitely involved in some way along with these top men of his. Many credit him with the idea alone so it isn't known if it was collaboration or not.

Ford didn't promote this first car by announcing that he would provide a public demonstration of the capabilities of the car like Charles B. King did who was the first man to drive a car through Detroit. Ford called the car the "quadricycle" and gave that demonstration on Memorial Day in...