Henry Ford

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Henry Ford could be known as one of the most influential entrepreneurs in creating the automobile assembly line. His controversial characteristics and unconventional approach in running the Ford Motor Company resulted in the accumulation of one of the most prosperous companies in the world. That time of the century brought about the growth in the economy and the stock market increased the chance for jobs as well as ethics. A fortunate result of this industrial revolution was that a modest, hard working man by the name of Henry Ford was becoming important in the economic picture. “Henry Ford was born in Michigan in 1863 and fortunately emerged with interest in mechanical operations” (Schaefer 5). Between the five dollars a day plan, his ideas on running the company and his relationships with his clients, Ford was often seen as an apprehensive man. These controversial actions contributed to the accomplishments of the corporation, and didn’t cause him to slip as some may think.

The beliefs that Ford was taking advantage of his consumers were highly covered up by his intensity and great superiority in managing his company. Everyone was not a supporter of Henry Ford. There were quite a few critics who believed that Henry Ford was so controversial that it kept Ford Motor Company from reaching a point higher that it has today. The mid twenties saw the Ford Company at the top of the automobile industry, but their great status would soon drop.

With the need for more production and lower expenses, in the mid 30's Ford cut all Ford workers wages by 50 percent. Employees were anticipated to work quicker, and more precisely. Division leaders were ordered to stop anything that slowed down work progress throughout the day (“legend”). This was all a strategy by Ford to make sure...