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Henry Ford helped make the automobile during the 1920s. Some of his ideas helped make an approach in creating one of the biggest inventions in this time period, and it is still considered one today. Henry Ford had a huge impact on modern times. Without the automobile civilization would be nowhere near where it is now. People would have to walk every where they went, which would mean that cities would probably be built closer together and there would be no roads for cars to drive on since they would not have been invented.

Born July 30, 1863, Henry Ford lived in what is now Dearborn, Michigan on a family farm. He soon became very clever with machinery and his built his first steam engine at 15 years old. He married a woman named Clara Bryant and had their only child five years after marriage. Ford worked for the Edison Company for a while and learned many things about mechanical engineering while there.

Then he was later promoted to Chief Engineer which helped him have more time for his inventions. He soon invented the first Quadricycle, which was a carriage but without the horses pulling it.

Soon the Ford Motor Company arose in the community with Henry Ford as vice president, as well as chief engineer he realized that the Model T was an automobile that could be produced to be made efficient and reliable. As soon as possible it was constructed and put on the market for sale, and it turned out to be a big hit with the people. The moving assembly was introduced into the manufacturing company and greatly reduced the time spent assembling a vehicle. With a lot of hard work his company became one of the largest automobile manufactures on the planet. After World War...