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Henry Ford was the leading manufacturer of American automobiles in the

early 1900's. He was the founder of the Ford Motor company which revolutionized

the assembly line method of production. Henry Ford was born in 1863 and died in

1947. I chose to write about Henry Ford because I feel that he was a smart man

who had the great ideas and looked after his workers. He wasn't one of those

money hungry monsters of the time.

Ford was born on a farm on what is now Dearborn Michigan, on July

30,1863, and was educated in district schools. He learned at an early age he didn't

like the farm life. He was interested more toward how things worked and what

made things happen. One example of this is when he asked his dad what would

happen if he plugged up the openings on the steam kettle. Not satisfied with his

dads answer he did it any way and it exploded and sent scalding water every where

and sent shrapnel that cut his cheek.

His father was all for Henry's interest in mechanical things but his siblings

ridiculed him. When Henry was thirteen his mother died of illness after she lost

her ninth child in delivery. He blamed the illness on his father for most of his life.

Once Henry had enough money saved he asked Clara to marry him and

immediately she said that she would and the wedding took place on April 11, 1888

and on November 6, 1893 they had their first child named Edsel. When Henry was

young he became interested in automobiles and he built his first successful gas

engine in 1893 and his first automobile in 1896.

Henrys first car was a sleek streamlined, light weight machine compared to

the Duryes brothers vehicle. Henry, when...