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Born July 30, 1863 in Wayne county, Michigan. He was the son of immigrants, William and Mary Ford. Henry Ford helped his dad out on the farm his parents owned in Dearborn Michigan. Ford got tired of school and farm life so when he was 16 he walked to Detroit To get a job.He got a job in detroit in a machine shop. where he learned about the internal combustion engine. After a few years of learning about metals Ford went back to the Farm in Dearborn and worked for the Westinghouse Engine Company. Ford got his own machine shop on the farm and started working more with engines and machines.

He married Clara Bryant in 1888. Ford and Clara went back to Detroit when Ford got the job of chief engineer at the Detroit Edison Company. The position required Ford to be on-call 24 hours a day, but the hours gave ford time to experiment.

He had experimented with gasoline powered vehicles and carriages for several years before his first vehicle was completed. The Quadricycle, was a buggy frame mounted on four bike wheels. The quadricycle was completed in 1896 Henry sold the Quadricycle to raise money so he could make more creations.

In the next several years Henry Ford continued to make better vehicles. He also built racing cars and drove them himself. In 1903 Ford made an automobile ready to market, and formed the Ford Motor Company with money from local people. In 1908, Ford designed the successful Model T, which was sold for 19 years. Right after the Ford Motor Company Ford had to deal with the law. After tons of legal battles, Ford won his case in 1911, which made it so that more people could be automobile manufacturers.

In the Ford Motor...