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d) Responsibility Perspective:

If I was in charge and had the authority and the funding to make any changes I wanted to make in my organization policies, the first step I will take is to improve the organization culture promoting a happy and supportive work environment for all my employees. It is very important for employees to feel comfortable where they work. Employee happiness and productivity should be emphasized. Also it is vital to provide encouragement and praises to those employees that show progress in any project.

I think all employees and supervisors should be involved in this process to discuss recommendations and thoughts to improve organization culture. These ideas should be taking into consideration so they can be implemented.

A way to communicate the organization policies to employees, once these policies are created, is by sending weekly or monthly newsletters. Also arranging employee meetings, so they have knowledge of any changes made.

These policies should be seen by clients and by the public through the company's website, newspapers, TV commercials and magazines. It is important that everyone, not only employees, is aware of the organization culture.