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Henry V The film version of the Shakespeare classic Henry V that was directed by Kenneth Branagh is a new interpretation of the story of the young English king who led his army into battle against the French at Agincourt. The movie uses the language of Shakespeare's play but it has a narrator who introduces each scene. This lends a modern touch to the story and helps the viewer to better understand the plot. There were many powerful scenes in the movie but one of my favorites was the scene where Henry V punishes a member of his army for stealing. The movie also won an Oscar for its costumes, which were authentic to the period. Overall, I felt that the movie was well done but the story line was not very interesting to me.

The scene when King Henry is forced to execute a member of his army really moved me.

The man was caught stealing from a French Church and was about to be hung. King Henry imagines a situation where he decides to free the man, the whole army is gathered around himself and the offender. The man stated that he was happy the king could not hang a thief. After he imagines this Henry realizes he has to make an example of this man so there would not be any other mistreatment of the French.

There was a narrator who appeared at crucial points throughout the film to explain important information. I thought the narrator was helpful but he seemed out of place. The costumes in the movie were very accurate to the time period and were a good illustration of what life was like during that time. The entire movie seemed to have dull, drab colors throughout which added to the drama but made...