“Her Eyes have captivated the world”

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In ​​​​ Cathy NewMan essay, "Her Eyes have captivated the world", she narrated to us the trip of searching about the girl behind the Pakistani hills, Steve McCurry pictured her. In order to see the sad story of behind her colored eyes, where you can see the story of a land worn out by war, In addition to the war the girl stopped her education due to her marriage, which made her wish her daughters can have a better chance than her.

As soon as the title "Her Eyes have captivated the world", Cathy NewMan the senior writer of The National Geographic comes in mind, she wrote this story about the sea greened eyes color of third little Afghani girl, whom she met at the Pakistani refugee camp, to capture her eyes which are full of sorrow stories.

According to the writer, the Afghani girls' eyes are full of sorrow due to the death of the main members of her family, as a result of their death they were forced to travel between the hills and valleys under the snow, on the other hand the Afghani girl met the photographer Steve McCurry, where he took a picture of her because her green sea colored eyes attracted her, when the Afghani girl gave McCurry the angry look he did not recognize why did she do so, she did that because as a married woman in Islam she is not allowed to look to a strange man except her husband, for example in the Arab world a married lady is not allowed to look at any stranger except a man who has a blood relation with her such as siblings, Grandfathers, brothers, cousins and uncles because Islam had banned that ladies look to any man without marriage or blood relation between...