Her Murderder

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Her Murderer

She's taken it too far. She's made a mess of my life and now she will pay! I bet you wonder what the hell I'm talking about don't you? Well I don't quite know were to begin telling you about it so ill start from the very beginning.

Our parents were very close friends so we were acquainted from a young age. We went to the same play school and I hated her. Amy was just one person I could not stand. She was the one who flicked water on my painting of a rainbow. Every time he came round for supper I made a huge effort to be aggravating and antagonistic.

We went to the same primary school where we were forced much to our annoyance, to sit together everyday! She used to annoy me like hell. Not only that, but she copied all my work (she has never been to bright), and got all the credit for it.

It's not as if she were even discreet about it,

'Harry, what does that say, 'or 'can I just borrow your book a sec.' She was a nightmare. Her lengthy black hair was constantly tickling my arm and I could feel her vivid green eyes in a fixed stare on my book.

In our last year of primary school we started to see eye to eye a lot more. I realised that see could be a nice person at times and she realised the plagiarism is not the way to go about learning. We became very good mates. I could talk to her about anything and I think there may have been a physical attraction between us. This was made apparent by our unintentional kiss at the end of junior school disco.

At high school we went on...