Herakles vs. Geryoneus

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Herakles vs. GeryoneusThe story behind Herakles and Geryoneus is that of a fierce battle between the two, and the slaughter of Geryoneus by Herakle. I plan on making this scene come alive and put it on a movie screen, for everyone to enjoy. Straight from Hesiod’s text the story is “Mighty Herakles killed Geryoneus by his rolling-gaited cattle in sea-washed Erytheia on the very day he drove the wide-faced cattle to holy Tiryns, having crossed the ford of Okeanos and killed Orthos and the herdsman Eurytion in the misty stable beyond famous Okeanos.

Setting:The setting for this movie will take place on a small island in the Atlantic Ocean called Erytheia. The Island will consist of a giant dark cave that will be in the center of the island, in addition to the cave there will be a dark circular cloud that will always cover the cave, blocking any sunlight.

Around the island there will be about a hundred palm trees and two or three areas with a small grassy field, no larger than 10x10 squared feet. The shore line will be covered by large sharp jagged edge rocks that will make it very hard to climb onto the island.

Characters:Herakles will be played by a male bodybuilder, someone who is strong and full of muscle. We will be dressed in a long white robe with a gold belt, and will carry a golden sword.

Geryoneus will be a computer generated graphic. It will be 10 feet tall, with a really dark skin cover. The three heads of the beast will all be similar looking, the eyes will always have a red glare, the nostrils will blow out smoke, and the teeth will be very aggressive and sharp looking.

Orthos (Geryoneus’s dog) will also be a special effect. The dog will be 5 feet tall, half the size of Geryoneus. His fur will be solid midnight black, his paws will long sharp claws growing out, his eyes will be a shiny black, and the teeth will be most ferocious.

Eurytion (Geryoneus’s herdsman) will be played by a regular male, 6ft tall, and 180-200lbs. The herdsman will be dressed in a baggy brown robe, and will carry a long shepherd’s pole.

Plot: Herakle will arrive at the island of Erytheia where his goal is to win the cattle that Geryoneus has hidden on the island. He will than be faced with Orthos, the battle will last for fifteen minutes. After a strong battle, Herakle will defeat Othos by stabbing him in the chest, puncturing his heart, where a black ooze will pour out off it. Geryoneus will witness the death of his dog and will become very angry with Herakle. The battle between the two will go on for 6 hours. The climax arises when Geryoneus manages to slice a large cut on Herakles left arm, but Herakles capitalizes on a crucial mistake by Geryoneus and cuts of his center head, followed by the right than the left. To make sure that he has defeated Geryoneus, Herakle takes a lit torch and burns the three areas of Geryoneus’ neck where the heads used to be, this way Herakle was sure that they would never grow back. Finally Herakles finds the cattle and with ease kills Eurytion so that way nothing would stay in his way. He than gathers all the cattle together and uses the cup of the sun to bring them all back home.