Hercules and Labours of Hercules Papers

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In the Hercules handout, it state Amphitryon is passed for his father. It tells how Hera kept Hercules from being born until Eurystheus was born. Alcmene puts him in a field so Hera would not attack him. Hera finds the baby and nursed him. 'Because the baby sucked so strong, she throws him down and Athene gives the baby to his own mother. Amphitryon, who is married to Alcmene, teaches the boy to tame horses and drive a chariot. Linus teaches him music and when he chastises Hercules, Hercules kills him with a blow of the lute. Hercules is then sent from home to dwell among the herdsmen. The Labours of Hercules does not include these stories.

In the Labours of Hercules, he meets two women: Pleasure and Virtue. In Hercules, he meats Pleasure and Duty. In the Labors of Hercules, Hercules becomes mad and kills his wife and children.

In the Hercules handout, he throws his children in a fire and drives his wife away.

In the first labor, in the Labours of Hercules, Hercules carries a sword and spear to attack the Nemean lion. In Hercules he carries a bow and a club.

In the second labour, Iolaus, the chariot driver, is his nephew in the Hercules paper. In the Labours of Hercules Hera sends crabs to attack Hercules. He kills the Hydrea with a club in the Hercules paper and cuts the head with a sword in the Labours of Hercules sheet.

In the third labour, in the Labours of Hercules, Hercules has to capture the hind, while it is a stag in the Hercules sheet.

In the fourth labour, the Hercules sheet describes how Hercules is entertained by Pholus. The other centaurs become med when he opens the wine and causes Hercules to have...