"Here I Stand" Creative Essay on lost love.

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Here I stand. Looking up at the fiery sunset, I think about my life and why I stand so forlornly upon this grassy cliff. Yes indeed. This is where I stand now and it is here that I shall die one day. It is the only place upon this terrible earth where the environment calms me somewhat, even when my mind is in turmoil. My eyes are fastened to the horizon and I remember, Gina.

My name is Pierre Jacques Christophe and my "true" story began in the year 1800. Strange, isn't it? Turn of the century. The chateau which I now reside in once belonged to my dear father, long departed from the real world and placed somewhere in the beyond. When this noble man died, the only persons left in the chateau were my first cousin Yves, the hired help and myself. Oh, 'tis a pity that such strife and anger can exist within a household! Money was never scarce, comfort was in abundance and food was always in stock.

However, tension was always high because my cousin and I each wanted full possession of the house and everything within it. You see, my cousin was a greedy man and my father died before he could write a will and final testament.

I am a man of great honor and willpower but nothing can explain why I lost my temper so quickly that day. The duel began when my cousin, who was a very handsome young man, decided that he had had enough. His hands were quick but mine were quicker and soon he was laying on the ground gasping for breath. He was stubborn and foolish but he was also family. I have a few fond memories of our childhood days and the moments we spent together...