Herniated Disks

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A herniated disk is a very painful disease, which has mainly physical pain, but also emotional pain. This type of disorder affects mainly older people in particular, but many others can get it as well. There are preventions toward this disorder, and many treatments for those who can't prevent it. Although there are many positive treatments for herniated disk, there are complications that may come with them. Sadly, the symptoms of a herniated disk are very severe, which can prevent them from the ability to do anything for a short period of time.

The bone disorder known as a herniated disk is a condition in which part of the soft part of an intervertebral disk is forced through a weaker part of the disk. This causes the disk to either herniated or rupture, which results in back pain and nerve root irritation. A herniated disk is the result of trauma or a large strain to that area of the back.

Disk herniation occurs most frequently in the lumbar area of the spine, which causes lower back pain. The medical term for this disorder is slipped disk, or lumbar radiculopathy. Working safely, using proper lifting techniques, and controlling your weight are ways to prevent a slipped disk.

Disk herniation occurs in the majority of people between the ages of thirty to fifty. Although it happens to older people more frequently, younger people can also get a herniated disk. A disk is made up of two layers, the outer annulus, and the inner pulposus. The outer layer is made of tight fibers, and the inner is more jelly-like. As we get older, the outer layer becomes much weaker than when we are young, and can't handle as much pressure. When the spine receives too much pressure, outer annulus bulges forming...