What Is A Hero?

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What is a Hero? In today's world the news media throw the word around like it is an everyday word. So what exactly is a hero? Who or can be classified as a heroic? The correct definition of a hero is: One invested with heroic qualities in the opinion of others. That definition is for books and intellectual minds, but to an average person like me a hero is much more than just that.

First, to understand what a hero is, we must find out what a hero is not. Almost everyday someone on television talks about athletes and celebrities as being heroic. But are they. In my opinion they are not heroes at all. They are more like role models, having no heroic qualities whatever. They are not even good role so when Michael Jordan and Harrison Ford risk lives saving a mother and her children from a tornado then they will posses the qualities of being a hero.

Also policemen and firemen are at times classified as heroes. They are thought of like this until they prove that they are just regular people. In my belief the title heroic is not given by occupation, rather by achievement.

So what do I think is a hero? I have tow major heroes in my life. My grandfather is one of my two heroes. He sacrificed his time, education, love and many other things. He did this to help the United States in the fight of World War II. He fought through rain, snow and many of the worst conditions in the world. Putting all of this on the just to do as he thought was right is what made him heroic. Even though many people would not classified as heroic. Some people think that he was just a regular...