What is a Hero?

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How does someone become labeled as a "hero?" Is it merely based on a single event in which the spotlight of media brings out only the good in some ones actions? Or does some one have to live a life of glory and wonders with no shame what so ever. I've looked up to fire fighters in my life because they spend their whole lives saving others. And I look up to those passengers on the Pennsylvania flight on 9/11 because they fought back. So how do we define a true hero? Everyone's definition is different.

I look at my peers' role models and wonder what they see in that person. Ken Caminiti is a good example. The man was an exceptional baseball player. And many kids who aspire to be baseball players looked up to him. However, off of the field he lived a life of shame. He had a severe drug problem his whole life and it caught up to him last year at the age of 43.

He died of a severe heart attack caused by drugs. That man is not a hero to me. A true hero to me is my father.

When I was nine years old, I was in the car with both of my parents, my sister and her friend. We were hit on the side by a car going 60 mph. My sister, her friend, and I were in the backseat all wearing our seatbelts, but when we came to a stop, the car was so badly crashed that we were trapped and unable to get out. My parents were safe and unharmed and my sister's friend and I were ok too. But for some reason, my sister was the only one hurt. She hit her head and was bleeding severely. Bystanders...