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Anyone who makes a difference in people's lives for the better qualifies as a hero.

A hero is someone who risks their life for others, who wants to help others, who is very courageous, and who does not have one selfish bone in their body. The people that I recognize as being the most heroic, are the firefighters from the September 11 tragedy.

They risked their lives to try and save as many people as they could in that building.

They have tried to find all of the bodies, and are still looking. Many people could not handle the pressure and sadness that these firefighters do. Even though it is almost five months after the attack, they have not given up. Policemen are another example of a hero. Their job is to serve and protect. Sometimes, they risk their lives to protect us.

Many people speak poorly of police, when they should be thanking them for enforcing the laws and trying to help them.

Although, people do not have to risk their life to be a hero. Doctors are also heroes. They save people everyday by performing surgery, giving treatments, and giving medicine. They saved my grandfather's life by performing a triple bypass surgery immediately. There are people who volunteer for many things that I consider heroes. People that feed the hungry, protect animals, help the handicapped and the elderly are all heroes. Parents, teachers, volunteer coaches, and even priests or ministers are heroes because they make a difference in people's lives for the better.