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To me, a hero is someone who has made a significant impact on my life. It is someone who makes you feel that there is more to life and that's the kind of person you look up to as a remodel. A fictional character that I would strongly identify myself with is Batman. While he's not out there fighting crime he is a lawyer, which in the future, it is what I wish to accomplish. I am currently a criminal justice major and if becoming a lawyer doesn't work out, I still get to fight crime like Batman in one way or another.

I feel a kinship with this character due to the lifestyle Batman has and that's why through his example, he has been like a remodel to me. For as long as I could remember I would turn on the TV everyday after school and watch the adventures of Batman and not once did my image of him change.

He has been an inspiration, moreover a guide for me to pursue my dreams and goals of becoming a lawyer or something along the lines of bringing justice to society.

Batman has been around for a very long time along with many other fictional characters and maybe that's why, I believe, that there are so many so that we could at least relate to some and have a remodel to follow. Many people do not have remodels so they turn to fictional characters that may help find what they are looking for. It does help to have someone there for us.

My recognition with this character has shaped and changed my world view in a significant way. There are no setbacks in trying to pursue your dreams. Batman's parents were murdered and that did not set him back from accomplishing anything in life. He looked on the brighter side where he knew that his parents would want him to strive for anything he wanted.