what is a hero?

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Random House 255 West 45th Street New York, NY 10022 To Random House Editorial Review Board: What is a hero? Everyone's vision is somewhat different. To me, a hero is someone whom I can look up to as a role model for something he or she has accomplished. These might include tasks that were performed with bravery and unselfishness. This is why I propose to you to enter into Tom Brokaw's new book titled, The Millenium Generation, a person who had shown those around him his courageousness; he is also someone who risked his life to help others. This person is my grandfather, (name). Born in a time when luxuries were minimal, my grandfather coped with the fact that he was unable to live a work-free life. Growing up during the Great Depression, he suffered. Although money was scarce, he found ways to help support his family through working long hours.

As one of the fewer fortunate people who survived in this time of grievance, my grandfather, (name)was drafted into World War II at the age of 23. He was instructed to drive the ambulance during the wartime which was fought in the United States. As head ambulette driver, (name) was required to help wounded soldiers. Taking his job very seriously, he exceeded what was required for him to do. He risked his life to rescue injured men in the line of fire. He would carry them to his ambulance and assist to their wounds there. At the end of one battle in a European country, he stumbled upon a child who appeared to need his help. Very concerned, he inquired at the local village as to whom her family was and where they were located. After three continual days of questioning villagers, he finally located her family members.