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There are many people of the modern times that would fit the description of a hero. A hero is a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his/her brave deeds and noble qualities. One of my heroes of the 21st century is George W. Bush. Bush is the president of the United States and is doing what he thinks is right for our country. Some people do not like Bush because he went to war and they did not think he had to go to war. Bush is one of my heroes of the modern times.

In classic literature heroes typically went through 4 stages in their journey. The first stage is when a hero or heroine leaves safe and familiar surroundings to search for a new understanding of life. George W. Bush left the familiar surroundings of a world without war to go to war. This was called on by the attack of the world trade centers and George Bush had to do something to counter this so other nations would not just do the same thing.

Going to war was an unknown land and Bush went here to show other nations that they would not attack us again. Bush searched for a new meaning of life and left a familiar surrounding and this is what makes him a hero.

The second stage of being a hero or heroine is discovering the road that leads out of his secure homeland that has many obstacles, dangers, threats and struggles. Bush left the United States to go to Iraq, which is a unfamiliar place with many dangers and hardships. He did this knowing it was difficult but to make sure that the United States was secure in the future and protected. The result of what Bush did is worth...