Hero in an Instant

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As I looked at the various achievements I had attained throughout my ten years as a person, one particular plaque caught my eye. Inscribed on it were the words: For Being a Very Brave Boy, dated February 2003. As I stared at the plaque, my thoughts slowly drifted to the past…I walked back home with a heavy heart, test paper clutched tightly in my left hand. The infernal voices in my head still lingered.

“You lousy fellow. You got such a lousy grade, and yet you still got to stay in the school. Has the teacher seen wrongly? Oh, the teacher is probably your mother. I heard that some traits would be passed down from parent to child. Maybe stupidity is one. Haha, stupid…”I had an awful, irrational certainty that in no time, I will be off to join some other poorer school. My heart ached each time the horrible “thought” came across my mind.

Suddenly, someone yelling for aid disrupted my thoughts.

“Help me! Someone stole my handbag! Help me!” the woman voice screamed.

I looked around closely. Then, there it was! The balaclava-clad person ran away from the shopping centre, a ladies' handbag in his hand. Hastily, I assumed he was the thief and gave chase.

“Do not run away, coward! Come back here!” I shouted as I chased him.

This mysterious thief finally slowed down enough for me to pounce on him. Here I go! By a stroke of luck, that hands of mine grasped his two feet and the thief fell with a loud thud.

When I caught him, his breath was inconstant. Without hesitation, I gave him a hard, solid punch to knock him unconscious, and then unmasked the thief. The thief was a woman all along!I announced proudly, “I caught the thief, come arrest her!” I expected a round of applause, but all that came was someone tapping on my bony shoulders. He spoke, “Excuse me, young man, we are actually doing a show entitled 'What To Do When Meeting A Thief”, you have sadly interrupted our filming process.”I felt like burying my head deep underground and was very ashamed. That antic would add another tick to my so-called “Achievements”.

“However, young man, you have proved you are very valiant and we would like to award you with this plaque,” the voice, probably the director, said, handing me that plaque.

“Please pose as we take your picture. Say Cheese!” he continued.

The sun was almost disappearing into the horizon and I switched on the news. It showed my picture on the headlines with a brief summary about my brave act,Well, I thought, it was not entirely a bad day. The proverb “Alls well ends well” will really describe my day.

I cannot wait to wipe that stupid smirk off my enemy, Jack Kingsley, who hissed at me at school.