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The Heroic Attributes of Julius Caesar

Centuries ago, one of the greatest Roman Emperors, Julius Caesar, a nephew of Marius, ruled the Roman Empire. He had a mighty soul, with great power, and a fine control over the people. Caesar was born on July 13, 100 B.C. in a Roman Patrician family, his father a moderate political success, and his mother came from plebian stock. Cornelia, the daughter of Cinna, married Caesar, and she died in 69 B.C. Caesar was considered one of the most cultured and literate of the Romans. He served as a young officer in Asia Minor, and as a quaestor (financial official) in farther Spain (69 B.C.). Julius Caesar is a hero for his successful contributions and improvements in Rome. Caesar was an all-time-hero, since he had accomplished many wonderful goals after becoming a dictator, had a superb military career, and was educated, literary, great speaker, affable, shrewd, and ambitious.

After Caesar became dictator for life, he improved Rome drastically. One of the improvements that he made was that he granted citizenship to many of the people who lived in the provinces. He also gave land to the veterans, and grain to the poor. Caesar dealt with the population problem by sending his veterans and the poor to the colonies throughout the Mediterranean. Further, he passed agrarian laws, which were laws regulating the disposition of public lands. Also he enhanced housing for many people by installing plumbing so water could be accessed easily, and checked import of slaves to make sure

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that he gets work accomplished from free laborers. He made gifts for citizens from his own expense, which would make them happy.

Furthermore, Caesar had a superb military career. Caesar conquered many areas with his army, such as Gaul, and defeated Pompey...