The Heroic Hamlet

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*THE HEROIC HAMLET* Zac Sayed 2nd period 3-10-02 ?To be or not to be that is the question...?Hamlet is known as a classic tragic hero.

This is true, for Hamlet realizes his own mortality and he also has many flaws. I will be discussing how he shows his mortality and what some of his flaws are; like not killing the king at the first chance he got.

Through the play hamlet realizes his mortality over a certain amount of time. His first awakening was the death of his father, the king. This was an extremely huge realization for hamlet. For example, Hamlet mourned over his father for two months after his death. He was constantly pacing to and from not knowing what to do with himself. This was a difficult time for Hamlet, because like most of us we haven?t had to deal with the death of an important figure, such as our father.

This was a tremendous eye opener for him, now knowing that if his father the king died so easily than so could anyone else like himself, for example. Hamlet?s first soliloquy, ?to be or not to be,? is when he finally realizes he to is mortal.

Hamlet doesn?t know what to do or how to go about his life. At this point in act one he feels he is a strong person and will take revenge for the death of his father, and in act two he changes roles and becomes a coward and feels he can not succeed in the revenge. ?Death is like a dream, there is the problem, in death what is going to happen, when we get rid of our life?s problem?s .This shows that Hamlet has his own mortality and doesn?t know who he is and where he stands...