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Kenzie Kellerman " A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than

oneself." (Joseph Campbell) Heroes will drop whatever they are doing to help someone in need. They give their lives to something bigger and better, instead of being self-centered. A hero possesses the values of changing someone's life through bravery, generosity, and assistance.

A hero is generous and cares about others. For example, a boy named David Pelzer was beaten by his mother for 8 years, in the non-fiction book, A Child Called It. Then one day the school nurse realized what was happening and David was taken to the police department. Officer Smith then took David to the foster home of Aunt Mary, after being examined by a doctor. "Where is she? You're not sending him back to his…? The policeman locked eyes with my doctor. "Not to worry, Doc. I gave this kid my word.

His mother is never going to hurt him again" (Pelzer #40) . There Aunt mary took him in as one of her own. She is now taking on another child and she treats him like an actual boy. She wants to show David what it is like to live in a place where he is wanted and not mistreated. "After Aunt Mary fed me a delicious dinner of filet of sole. She introduced me to the seven other children who, like myself for one reason or another no longer lived with their parents" (Pelzer #41). Aunt Mary showed the true meaning of caring for others. Now David can actually feel like part of a family. Comment by browningj: this paragraph should have been about bravery because it was the first part of your thesis. Comment by browningj: period should be after parentheses

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