Heroism in All Sizes (essay on the movie Antz)

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Heroism in all Sizes

A true hero goes beyond the cape and mask image drawn by the many cartoon characters. A true hero exempts insignificant measures of being lost in the crowd. This heroic persona was embodied through the character "Z" in the animated Steven Spielberg movie Antz produced by "DreamWorks and PDI". Based around the plot that you can expand from the "colony" and move beyond your pre-assigned duties given by the prospect of totalitarian civilization, as this little fellow does even though he is assigned to be inconsequential. Z showed that you can go beyond the expectations of society and rise above through the elements of individuality, determination, and bravery.

To be an individual is looked upon in almost any society as a forbidden ordeal.

Individuality is seen as a obscene way of trying to rise against and above higher powers and tradition. Z accomplished these things by forcing his way to become something more than what he was assigned to do as a "worker ant" at childbirth.

He was struggling with himself, as he felt "out of place" and embarked upon the adventure of breaking free from the normality's of what the colony was supposed to be and was seen as abnormal. Such is true when Z is dancing with Princess Bala and finds that he doesn't want to dance like everyone else, and dances out of line and does his own separate thing. By making these small but drastic in-notations Z set himself as a individual and began the process of becoming a colonized hero.

Z showed his determination and strength in will power when he set outside of his natural habitat, the only place he's ever been and explores the outside realm in his search for "insect-topia". Along with his wanting to impress Princess...