"heroism" what do you think of it?????

Essay by Clever_Baby April 2005

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"Heroism" How many times you heard this word? Many times, but how many u asked yourself about its meaning? Never! I think you got my point now, the hero you heard about him from your friends, or you watched last time in your favorite film is only one point of view for heroism, not all views; you are talking from one side of a three dimensioned word.

Hero for all of us, teenagers, is just an extraordinary, brilliant powerful man, who is always right, and on his right path. I am here now to change this short-sighted thought. I am not against the thought of the extra ordinary hero, but not all of them are extraordinary men, there must be another type. Now you are thinking of all you watched of films to recognize any other type of heroes. No, if you thought of your films you will see nothing except extraordinary heroes, and look here in the real life, you will see no extraordinary heroes.

Is that mean that no real heroes? Of course no, there is but not powerful in muscles.

The hero I mean is strong in mind, strong in thoughts, strong in his tongue. He is brave enough to say what he thinks, look to the real life and search for that kind of heroes you will find many. There are heroes who are famous and who are anonymous, they are not heroes for fame; they are heroes only for principles. So hero may be a normal man, you can see a hero in front of you, and even talking to you someday, trust me, it may happen.

The man who is brave enough to say what he thinks should be called a hero, but not all heroes must be so, they may be...