Heroism. This essay is about what a modern day hero is. It contrasts another authors point of view but is properly cited.

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Leaping tall buildings in a single bound, and faster than a speeding bullet. The model hero, Superman, triumphs over all evil. The real question is, what is a hero? Does a hero have to have superhuman abilities or can he blend in with the every day crowd? Raymond Chandler, a well-known author, offers his description of what he believes a true hero is. In order to better establish the true definition of a hero, one must compare and contrast the differences and similarities between two opposing opinions.

Chandler stated that a hero must not be tainted. This would mean by definition that a hero would have to be perfect, without fault or flaw. In order to have no flaw a hero would have to be paranormal for in the entire world, nothing is perfect. The great Superman could be destroyed by a little kryptonite. Take away Batman's tool belt and there would just be a guy wearing tights and a cape.

Chandler also states that a hero may show no fear. Without showing fear there would be no emotion. This would create a hero that has no sympathy for the life of another. If Chandler's definition were followed to the letter, there would be no hero in our world.

An opposing opinion could state that a hero is a normal person, showing bravery and rising above fear to better the human race. A model example of this could be a man jumping in front of a car to grab a child chasing a ball. A fireman could rescue an individual stuck in a blazing building, who would have died had it not been for the fireman's gallantry and heroism. Every hero would have to show fear. A hero would show fear for human life. Fear drives a...